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“Williams ButchersTable ist Metzgerei und Restaurant zugleich. Old School und doch sehr modern. Rock ‚n’ Roll aber auch ganz klassisch. Wie die zarten Fasern erstklassiger Filetstücke und Special Cuts zieht sich unsere Begeisterung für nachhaltigen Fleischgenuss durch alle Bereiche unseres täglichen Engagements: Von der kompetenten Beratung an der Metzgerstheke bis zur herzlichen Gastfreundschaft am langen Williams ButchersTable.”

Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue is a restaurant located at Schifflände 6, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland The quality of the service here is excellent. Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue has received 208 positive customer evaluations. Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue is open from 11:00am until 14:00pm It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the www.williamsbutcherstable.ch on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue is the best choice for you.

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Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue menu price

Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue
Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue Menu
Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue
Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue Menu
Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue
Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue Menu

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Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue

208 Google reviews

Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue reviews

Lia F
Super friendly service and amazing food! We had steak from Switzerland and pork from Spain, although they have such a huge selection that we would gladly come back for more. We also enjoyed the bone marrow and salad. Fries were okay. We went on a Wednesday for dinner and made a reservation beforehand (a must!)

Yannick Rohrbasser
One for the meat lovers. The concept is you pick your beef from the solid variety of cuts / beefs available at the butcher counter and they are then cooked and served over multiple courses to share with your table. The only seasoning is salt and a chimmichurri sauce is available on the table if you want it. To accompany your beef, you also get a choice of salad or bone marrow to start and subsequently a choice from four sides which included baked potatoes with cream, veggies, Creamy spinach and crispy chunky fries. There are also a handful of desserts to choose from including caramel flan, cheesecake and chocolate fondant.We tried the japanese A5 Wagyu 100g which was tender and tasty. Swiss (?) Black Angus Ribeye which had an insane marbling that took it very close to the wagyu and the Angus “secret cut” which was somewhere between fillet and entrecote (definitely leaner and thicker than others). All the steaks were delicious although I wasn’t as big a fan of the secret cut – preferring the more marbled varieties – just a matter of personal taste I suppose.The only downsides from our visit was that it takes a long time for the whole experience to unfold. For us we took c.2.5 hours from start to finish and spent some stretches waiting without any food. I understand some of the slowdown is due to the corona measures but it would have perhaps been a good idea to offer bread (which was given with our first course) or something else as an appetizer whilst waiting.Overall this is one of the better steak experiences that Zurich has to offer and would highly recommend.

Tevis Pieper
Holy shish kebabs was this experience and place amazing! We didn’t make a reservation (recommend you do though) and were able to get a table. The restaurant is a combination butcher and steak house, where you choose the cuts of meat directly from the butcher case.The process:1) You start off selecting appetizer drinks and bites, which we declined because we wanted to get to the main entree and wanted to be thoughtful about how much we could eat.2) Next you select the meat from the butcher case. They tap you when it’s your turn to go up and select the cuts you want them to cook for you. There were two prices, the higher being what you pay per weight on your bill at the end. The butcher was knowledgeable, transparent and made sure we were comfortable with the total weight.3) You bring the meat tab to your table and order your side dishes. We ordered a nice red wine (glasses) and their french fries as a side.4) They poured the wine first, then shortly after they brought our cooked meat and side dishes out all at once. They had sea salt flakes and chimichurri sauce to use with your meat.5) Devour and enjoy your dinner!Honestly it was such an interesting way to have dinner. I loved that we saw and selected the meat we would eat. Everything was cooked perfectly and full of flavor. The price was very reasonable for the level of service, quality of food and drink, and a unique experience. Highly recommend.

Laura Xu Chen
Rene our waiter was fabulous! We had so much fun drinking champagne and the steak was perfect done! What a cool place and great service! The waygue dry meat with spinach was devine!

Dominic Mösch
Review as a student. I would not go for lunch every day since this would break my credit card. But for a dinner with friends it was the best choice of the year. If you want to get a good service and meat, you have to dine here. And this is honest; I never ate meat this good in my entire life. Thanks to Dominic and Till ✌

Karolina Juhova
I will long time remember the experience we had at this place. Service makes you feel so welcomed, the bone shot is tasty and a fun way to start a great evening. Overall, the meat was just wow! I can only recommend wagyu! It was a memorable experience! Must visit for meat lovers.

Nick GC Tan
Great Swiss beef cut with spanish pork – and French wine! Really nice Salad and great service👍👍 yummy. Thanks guys! It’s our mini honeymoon trip 😍


Q Where is Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue

Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue is located at Schifflände 6, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Q What is the phone number of Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue

You can try to dialing this number +41 44 506 75 06 or find more information on their website http://www.williamsbutcherstable.ch/

Q Where are the coordinates of the Williams ButchersTable am Bellevue

Latitude: 47.3682948 - Longitude: 8.5451546


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