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“Situé au centre-ville de Genève, venez sans plus attendre découvrir notre cuisine fraîche de qualité et saine à prix doux.”

Saint-Gervais is a restaurant located at Rue des Corps-Saints 4, 1201 Genève, Switzerland The quality of the service here is excellent. Saint-Gervais has received 105 positive customer evaluations. Saint-Gervais is open from 06:30 until 00:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Saint-Gervais is the best choice for you.

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Saint-Gervais reviews:

Raoul vM
Local Guide 89 reviews 116 photos
10 months ago
Owner and his wife were very friendly. The chef-Cook came by to present his freshly made desserts.Food was delicious. Can really recommend this place.Side note: Tables are very close to each other… Or is that the Swiss way?!

Local Guide 60 reviews 176 photos
11 months ago
Came here for an early dinner as a group of four, the place was quiet but the service was still friendly and quick. We came for fondue and we were easily satisfied, during our stay we also met the owner who was quite welcoming. Overall great experience and would definitely come back.

Kimberly Polanco
5 reviews 4 photos
10 months ago
The fondue was so delicious and the recommend wine was perfect with the appetizer! Also the staff was created such a good and genuine environment! If you haven’t had fondue yet definitely try here on your trip in Switzerland! 😊

Shuo Mi
1 review
11 months ago
If system allows, I could rate the service in the restaurant 0.1 star!!!I was passing by this restaurant around 18:00 in the evening while I was very hungry and tired after travelling a whole day in Geneva. Whien I entered the restaurant, waiter was sitting just outside the door, busy talking, laughing and smoking with another guy (maybe a frequent customer). I haven’t even thought him as the waiter because it is very unprofessional for a waiter to sit down when the restaurant is open for service.Then I entered the room, and he came after me. I realised that he did not speak good English, then I talked to him with my poor French. I asked him if the restaurant was open, he said yes, and he told me it was only available to serve Cheese Fondue. With my insist, he showed me the Menu without inviting me to sit down first. Then I saw the price of the Cheese Fondue at the Menu is 24CHF, a price within my budget. I told him it was ok that I took the Fondue.Then I was guided to sit, and he put the Menu back. He then asked me if I would like to drink something. And I could just had some tap water, which is usually free of charge according to my experience in France. However, he immediately open a bottle of mineral water at the reception desk without even letting me see the price on Menu and the brand of the mineral water in advance. I was just asking how much it was, and he opened it. Then he told me it was 5 CHF. All these things happened in less than five second, and my French language skill was very poor, probably he asked me something I did not understand. But he did not give me any explanation and time to think it over.I was not happy what he had treated me. And I was just complaining it to him in my poor French, that he could have tell me more information before he took advantage of me. He got angry and told me in a very loud voice that it is in Switzerland that nothing is free of charge. And they do not serve tap water free at his restaurant. And he argued that he asked me if I wanted the mineral water. And it was his professional standard to serve me in that way, namely, asking me if I wanted to drink something and then opening the water at the reception desk.During this time, the waitress came and tried to stop him, but he is still talking very loud and angry. I was not very happy with his behaviour like that. And once I was thinking about to leave immediately. However, I was very hungry, and I need to catch a Flixbus in one hour, I don’t have much time to waste. Then I stayed there and finished my dinner.During the dinner time, it was mainly the waitress, a very gentle lady who served me very well, while the waiter came back to the sit outside the door and talking and laughing with the guy who was there when I entered the restaurant.It was a terrible experience with the service of the waiter. I strongly NOT RECOMMEND having dinner or drink at this restaurant, particular for foreigner who does not speak good enough French. The waiter, or maybe is the boss, does not have the professional standards to serve his customers, and he is trying to take advantages of the customers with the ARROGANT Swiss prejudice. .AND BTW, where were a few flies, 3 at least, in the restaurant which was very annoying. It was very unusual at the autumn time, which may indicates that the sanitary of the kicken was not good enough.-

James Love
6 reviews 8 photos
10 years ago
This is a small family owned restaurant. The food is very good, but perhaps even more important is the charming setting. Many of the customers appear to be regulars. The service is always cheerful and friendly. The atmosphere is warm, relaxed, and this is an excellent place to have dinner and conversation with friends.

Lora Foster
21 reviews 13 photos
5 years ago
The restaurant is completely refurbished, really nice. The terrasse is lovely on a quiet street.The service is excellent. I had the grilled Poulpe which was excellent. The portions are huge. The green salad was very fresh. The assiette valsienne was very good.The rump steak was tender and very good. Would definitely go back.

Rhonda Dawson
73 reviews 44 photos
3 years ago
Great for a casual meal, LARGE servings, great service and staff, outdoor seating for smokers, indoor and outdoor seating.

Juan Jaime
Local Guide 121 reviews 204 photos
2 years ago
Awesome staff, super friendly and great food!

Craig Buick
2 reviews
4 years ago
Cosy atmosphere, friendly service and delicious food! Will certainly return!

Pasha Mirza
Local Guide 40 reviews 46 photos
3 years ago
Great charbonnade a gogo! Without the smoke



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