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From Ristorante Grottino Ticinese

“Benvenuti al Grottino Ticinese a Bellinzona dove tradizione, qualità e cordialità sono di casa.

Lo staff del Grottino è lieto di accogliervi e proporvi le nostre specialità come la Tartare di manzo, la Tagliata alla Robespierre, gli gnocchi e tante altre prelibatezze.

Vi aspettiamo!

Willkommen im Grottino Ticinese in Bellinzona, wo Tradition, Qualität und Herzlichkeit zu Hause sind.

Die Crew des Grottino freut sich, Sie zu empfangen und Ihnen unsere Spezialitäten wie Rindertartar, Tagliata nach Robespierre-Art, Gnocchi und viele andere Köstlichkeiten anzubieten.

Wir warten auf Sie!”

Ristorante Grottino Ticinese is a restaurant located at Via Luigi Lavizzari 1, 6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland The quality of the service here is excellent. Ristorante Grottino Ticinese has received 525 positive customer evaluations. Ristorante Grottino Ticinese is open from 08:30am until 00:00am It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the grottinoticinesebellinzona.ch on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Ristorante Grottino Ticinese is the best choice for you.

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Ristorante Grottino Ticinese menu price

Ristorante Grottino Ticinese
Ristorante Grottino Ticinese Menu
Ristorante Grottino Ticinese
Ristorante Grottino Ticinese Menu
Ristorante Grottino Ticinese
Ristorante Grottino Ticinese Menu

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Ristorante Grottino Ticinese

525 Google reviews

Ristorante Grottino Ticinese reviews

Fiona Ward Shaw
Really wonderful! The food was amazing! The staff speaks English, Spanish, and Italian, and they are all very nice. The tartare was delicious, as was the gnocchi with butter and Sage. The seating outside is beautiful, with tons of shade and perfect for a summer lunch or dinner. Good view of the castles from the tables. Definitely go here!

Shelley Duncan
What an amazing lunch with Gnocchi pomodoro and Tagliata di manzo alla Robespierre!! Highly recommend!! 😋

Tristan Williams
Though it is certainly a good walk away, it is worth it. This quaint, rustic feeling little place is a wonderful chance to see the other side of Bellinzona, a chance to partake in a place that feels highly authentic and reasonably priced for the area. They were quite nice to have a vegan section to the menu (I got the presta gnocci and it was superb) and were surprisingly quick, having our food out in less than 20 minutes. The only dislike was that some of the food was unnecessarily pricey (like the scaloppina di maiale impanata), so I would recomend staying away from some of the more expensive items.

Great, creative vegan options! The dogs got waterbowls too.There were 4 vegan options on the evening menu, and apparently there’s more in the afternoon, including desserts. The vegan gnocchi with pistachio pesto were very tasty, the “chicken” basket was good too. I wish there were more vegan options in the evening too, but 4 is of course already great.Only thing we didn’t like was not due to the restaurant, but another guest. One of our two dogs suddenly got very agitated and started barking shortly after we sat down outside. At first we thought he’d seen a cat or a squirrel, but after a while we realised a man on a table next to us kept staring at our dog unblinkingly. So this is obviously not the fault of the restaurant, but you might want to know that some weirdos frequent that place, as well as lovely people like the young woman who came over to comfort our dog!

Gerry Cumpiano
A rare and wonderful eating experience, great regional food, fantastic friendly service. Be adventurous !!!

Marcos Santos
Best tagliata I ever tasted!

Greg Babb
We arrived spontaneously for lunch at around 1pm and discovered it’s better to reserve, as the place was full. Staff was courteous and gave us the next free table after around 15 or 20 minutes. I ordered the sliced roast beef (Robispierre) which had a kind of pesto sauce with herbs, which was excellent. “Grottos” in Ticino are a long tradition of simple restaurants for the community offering smaller menus but great food, and this place was no exception. We’d definitely go back at the next opportunity.


Q Where is Ristorante Grottino Ticinese

Ristorante Grottino Ticinese is located at Via Luigi Lavizzari 1, 6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland

Q What is the phone number of Ristorante Grottino Ticinese

You can try to dialing this number +41 91 826 39 64 or find more information on their website https://grottinoticinesebellinzona.ch/

Q Where are the coordinates of the Ristorante Grottino Ticinese

Latitude: 46.1959188 - Longitude: 9.018924

Q (Translated by Google) what is your closing day? Thank you (Original) quale è il vostro giorno di chiusura? Grazie

(Translated by Google) Dear Mr. Rossi,
thank you for your kind question.
Our closing day is Sunday.
From 24.12 to 09.01 we will be closed for holidays.

With our best regards.

Egregio Signor Rossi,
la ringraziamo per la vostra gentile domanda.
Il nostro giorno di chiusura è la domenica.
Dal 24.12 al 09.01 saremo chiusi per ferie.

Con i nostri migliori saluti.


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