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“Das Restaurant Lapin im Hotel de la Paix in Luzern besticht durch gut bürgerliche, schweizerische Küche. Besonders beliebt ist, allem voran der legendäre Flambi-Spiess der direkt am Tisch flambiet wird, aber auch das Kalbslebergeschnetzelte und die traditonelle Fritschi Pastete. Ein gut assortiertes Sortiment an Weinen aus den wichtigsten Anbaugebieten Europas rundet das Angebot ab.”

Lapin is a restaurant located at Museggstrasse 2, 6004 Luzern, Switzerland The quality of the service here is excellent. Lapin has received 531 positive customer evaluations. Lapin is open from 10:00am until 23:30pm It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Lapin is the best choice for you.

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Lapin reviews

David Zheng
Got the course meal today. Everything was good except the mains.The mains:1. My Veal had 2 medallions, the first piece was pretty good but the second piece was really tough and dry. I raised this to the service staff. The manager later came to explain that the pieces came from the hip of the animal, but the 2 pieces to me were like night and day.2. My wife’s chicken was wrapped with cream cheese and ham. The ham was very salty and really made it unpalatable. From the first bite, we knew this was salt laden and not appetising. We did not raise this to the staff as we thought it could be just us not used to the palate here.What could be improved is really the service recovery. After sending back my main with the dry veal, it seemed like the staff became less friendly, almost passive aggressive. All we gave was feedback and things seemed semi-hositle. I dare not think what it would have become had I reported my wife’s overly salty dish as well.We did not need any replacement of our dish and only raised feedback, but the service after that left a sour taste.

Pun Punyasavatsut
The service was great and there was great care to attention. The interior was perhaps a bit dark to my taste – but it is not of concern as nothing felt out of place.Rabbit ragu was well cooked and served with a delicious deglazed sauce (which never felt bland/greasy!). There were a few bones here and there and it affected my enjoyment of the dish to an extent.The lime risotto however, was a bit of a shock as I had expected it to function as a main course – however it was served with roasted cantaloupe and pineapples, while the lime was overpowering which turned the dish into some sort of a weird dessert.In general, Lapin is a wonderful place to have a nice and quiet French cuisine in Lucerne.

Ying Hui
We enjoyed the food however we were really disappointed with the service here. After rejecting the water (bcus we were heading to a drinks place after) the service became alittle more unfriendly and we noticed that on every table there were complimentary sourdough bread however we did not receive any at all. Was really disappointing bcus we were really excited for this meal 🙁

Cecilia Valdovinos
The food was very delicious! Our waitress was so lovely, kind, and welcoming. Very worth the price point.

Jose Vazquez
Food was so good! Excellent service! Steak was amazing! Cooked to perfection!

Kurt Dutrizac
Went in blind not knowing much about the restaurant and was overjoyed by the food, atmosphere, and experience. Liene was exceptional with her courteousness and recommendations and would happily come back. The fig gratin is an absolute highlight.

Krassy D
Lovely traditional meal, big portions. The only downturn was they were a bit busy and forgot our order, for which they rectify and offer us salads and starters until they sort the order. Staff was very friendly and good service. Would recommend to try the traditional menu



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