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La Rotonde is a restaurant located at Rue des Pâquis 15, 1201 Genève, Switzerland The quality of the service here is excellent. La Rotonde has received 171 positive customer evaluations. La Rotonde is open from 11:30 until 15:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then La Rotonde is the best choice for you.

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La Rotonde reviews:

Alice Marco
Local Guide 37 reviews 246 photos
3 months ago
Very good very tasty,fast service.I enjoyed a great pizza with mushrooms ,dry rose wine ,carpaccio amazing and salmon salads.Recommend.Nice street atmosphere!Staff speaking English very well,fast and cozy personal.

Joss Ingram
Local Guide 87 reviews 28 photos
2 weeks ago
Lovely little restaurant, very relaxed. Had a delicious pizza without cheese. The waiter was very professional and friendly. We were made to feel at ease, even with my less than perfect French skills. Sat outside on the charming terrace with red and white checkered cloth tables. Would highly recommend visiting for some food, and to watch the world go by.

Peter Lin
Local Guide 832 reviews 3,430 photos
2 months ago
Carnivore Pizza. I like everything on this pizza (mozzarella, beef, jambon, salami, onions) except for the Jalapeños. Pity that this restaurant does not serve any soup here… Oh and it seems that pizzas (standard size) sold here are usually meant for one pax. I actually seen on more than one occasions girls having pizza on their own.

David Peters
Local Guide 52 reviews 3 photos
3 months ago
We had a very nice evening and enjoyed a combination of cheese and meat fondue…it was fantastic. The staff was so friendly! We can highly recommend this place. We did not have pizza but what we saw on the other tables looked really good, too.

Edward Sardarian
1 review 4 photos
4 months ago
Saw a good comment about lasagna and I got my pregnancy cravings kicking in lol. I stopped by yesterday afternoon with my girlfriend, her pizza was🔥🔥 🔥, but the lasagna was absolutely the best I’ve had. See you tomorrow !!!Edit: 5/13/22I always find myself back at this nice cozy restaurant near the lake. We had a lovely dinner. The pizzas are amazing and really good choice of wines.

Bryan Polski
4 reviews
3 months ago
Terrible service – I went there yesterday and the waiter was saying that he only speaks French, however after 10 minutes he was speaking fluent English with the lady who was sitting two tables away. When I confronted him about it he was again only speaking French. I did not believe that such discrimination behaviors still happen in 21st century..On top of that the pizza was not properly spiced and very greasy, I don’t know what they have added there, but I had stomach problems later on.I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

15 reviews 57 photos
3 months ago
Excellent pizza (the Carnivore). This has long been a favorite place of mine when I’m in Geneva. After an absence of 3 years, it nice to come back see that La Rotonde was just as good as ever.

Daniel Fehl
40 reviews 13 photos
a month ago
I’ve come here many times. I like the efficient service and good food for a reasonable Swiss price. I get a good meal and good ambience.

Sean Rozario
17 reviews 4 photos
2 years ago
Delighted by the nice atmosphere, abundance of locals and friendly fast service. Our meals were excellent, one of our most memorable italian experiences outside of Italy. The Lasagna was outstanding, delicious cheese and the most amazing sauce.

markoos bay
Local Guide 60 reviews 113 photos
a year ago
I came here in july of 2018. The owner was the one who served us. Such a nice man and the food was phenomenal. I ordered the pasta bolognese and a pizza that had tuna and shrimp. Yea tuna on pizza. Where i come from tuna doesnt go on pizza but after having this pizza, oh my. I dont know what kind of tuna that was but it was amazing. The pasta was great too, perfect texture. The freshly grated parmesan and olive oil tasted very very good. Here in america we rarely get ingredients of this freshness. Great customer service and great food. What more can you ask for. I see his menu changed so next time im in geneva i def will be stopping by😁


Q Where is La Rotonde

La Rotonde is located at Rue des Pâquis 15, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

Q What is the phone number of La Rotonde

You can try to dialing this number +41 22 732 85 59 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the La Rotonde

Latitude: 46.2106099 - Longitude: 6.1485317