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KüBBan is a restaurant located at Kanalgasse 33, 2502 Biel, Switzerland The quality of the service here is excellent. KüBBan has received 822 positive customer evaluations. KüBBan is open from 11:00am until 21:00pm It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the kubban-restaurant.business.site on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then KüBBan is the best choice for you.

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822 Google reviews

KüBBan reviews

Tom Lee
One of the best Kebabs I have had in my life! 💯Definitely worth the queueing time, also it has very quick service, so it will not take more than 20 minutes even at peak hours.

Pepe Roki
Some people say KüBBan would be the best kebab restaurant in Actually bread, source and the other ingredients, all are in quite high quality and staffs are so kind.

Ziad Sahlab
The long line out the door was probably the best indication of the great food inside. The food was worth the wait. The falafel sandwich was amazing with crunchy falafel and delicious sauces. The bread is the highlight of the sandwich being soft, light and tasty. Unfortunately the meat there is not halal but the falafel were great. Overall delicious food and friendly staff.

Tj Grubenmann
This place is full of young influencers and Insta freaks. Don’t understand the long queue for an average kebab ? I won’t stay in a queue for 15 mins to buy a bloody kebab when there’s plenty of good kebab places in Biel.

Steph K
The best kebabs I ever had in this part of Switzerland, and God knows how many I’ve tried. Very kind staff, generous servings, only downside is the queuing time depending on the time of the day you’re going there, but trust me it’s worth it.

What‘s there to say expect for: Kübban is THE place for a gourmet kebap. Changed my view of kebap and is always a great place to eat. Nothing but happy memories when I think about this place.

Franci M.
I couldn’t believe that a Kebab could be so good, but holy moly….this one is amazing…You have to check it out


Q Where is KüBBan

KüBBan is located at Kanalgasse 33, 2502 Biel, Switzerland

Q What is the phone number of KüBBan

You can try to dialing this number +41 32 322 10 00 or find more information on their website https://kubban-restaurant.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral

Q Where are the coordinates of the KüBBan

Latitude: 47.1411035 - Longitude: 7.2470104

Q Credit card is allowed?

I don't think so :/


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