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“Il Postino Ristorante & Bar – mediterrane Küche direkt beim Milchbuck/Uni Irchel in Zürich
Herzlich willkommen auf der Webseite von il Postino Ristorante & Bar! Bei uns geniessen Sie in entspannter, lockerer Atmosphäre Köstlichkeiten aus der Italienischen Küche. Ob Antipasti, Pasta-, Fisch- oder Fleischgerichte – wir bereiten alle Speisen frisch für unsere Gäste zu. Besonders unsere feine Holzofenpizza ist weitherum bekannt.
Unsere Räumlichkeiten umfassen nebst dem grosszügigen Restaurant-Bereich einen grossen Weinkeller, die beide auch für Anlässe genutzt werden können, und eine schöne Terrasse für laue Sommerabende.
Geführt wird unser Restaurant von Jimmy Arberi.”

il postino Ristorante & Bar is a restaurant located at Schaffhauserstrasse 188, 8057 Zürich, Switzerland The quality of the service here is excellent. il postino Ristorante & Bar has received 602 positive customer evaluations. il postino Ristorante & Bar is open from 10:00am until 14:30pm It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then il postino Ristorante & Bar is the best choice for you.

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il postino Ristorante & Bar menu price

il postino Ristorante & Bar
il postino Ristorante & Bar Menu
il postino Ristorante & Bar
il postino Ristorante & Bar Menu
il postino Ristorante & Bar
il postino Ristorante & Bar Menu

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il postino Ristorante & Bar

602 Google reviews

il postino Ristorante & Bar reviews

Elizaveta Vostrikova
This place has Italian waiters and cool atmosphere, but the real Italians, I think, would kill for such cuisine. I ordered the quattro formaggi pizza (~23 Fr.), that had an olive right in the center (I was surprised to see it). The taste was not perfect, I would give 6 out of 10. My two friends ordered another pizzas and also stayed unsatisfied.We also got a bottle of tap water, that we paid 4 Fr. for!! Incredible. There is just a fountain right outside the restaurant. They should have it for free, as in other places.So overall, I wouldn’t recommend this place.

Laurentiu D.
Very nice restaurant, fine food.. Excellent steak, good pasta and huge pizza’s. Friendly staff…and slow service.

Ruchika Ganar
There was amazing coffee… We had veg and chicken pizza, it was amazing and loads of cheese…. They have amazing wine available…. We also had chicken pasta which was very amazing and delicious… 😋

F Belle
Food is excellent, well the Pizzas are as far as I can judge as non-Italian. The waiters are daring, but nice! I would recommend this place as a safe all purpose restaurant!

Christian Bruhin
My Gnocchi Gorgonzola were delicious. A real fresh salad with tasty olive oil and Balsamico, fantastic. Price/quality ist good.

Nathalie Lamazares
We had great pizzas at this place yesterday! We sat outside, very cozy garden, during sunset it was lovely! The waitresses were super nice, always making sure we had everything we needed. Great spot for summer evenings, especially if you have kids, they were running around playing hide&seak happily yesterday!

çağrı Sert
– Unprofessional service- Price transparencyI have been to this restaurant three times. Although the first two times the experience was OK (only some orders missing…), the last time was really disappointing.First, the waitress asked 3 times whether we are sure we do not want a Vorspeise to which we replied 3 times NO.Then, I ordered the cheapest fish which was on the menu for 32CHF, I was asked which side dish I want, chose vegetables. It turned out the side dish was extra (9CHF) and the 32 CHF was for less than 50grams of fish. – I should have not chosen a side dish and get the ridiculous amount of fish without anything else for 32CHF just to see how ridiculous it looks.Secondly, at the end, I asked Schnaps menu, waitress said there is no menu and we can get Grappa to which I agreed. The Grappa wasn’t good quality (looked even tinier than usual, in amount) and was billed for 13.5CHF.At the end, 1 pizza, 1 cheapest fish with vegetables (no sauce for vegetables), 2 beers and 2 Grappa =130 CHF.



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