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Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie is a restaurant located at Rue du Commerce 5, 1204 Genève, Switzerland The quality of the service here is excellent. Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie has received 523 positive customer evaluations. Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie is open from 08:30 until 19:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie is the best choice for you.

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Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie
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Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie

523 Google reviews

Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie reviews:

Local Guide 29 reviews 57 photos
7 months ago
Some of the best food is here – check out the canteen – some cakes and pastries rival big name bakeries and cafes. Best cake? Coconut chocolate cake and vanilla custard tart. The best tart ever

Local Guide 57 reviews 179 photos
7 months ago
Delicious food for smaller prices than other restaurants.

Elena L
Local Guide 46 reviews 101 photos
2 years ago
The food was delicious. However the staff was rude to us. We wanted some of the food that had already been prepared and ready to serve, but they refused to serve us before the official opening time and made us wait…

Christian Ponziani
Local Guide 36 reviews 51 photos
4 years ago
This is one of few places in Geneva where you can have lunch at EU pricing. It’s self service with a lot of choice: salad buffet, pasta, Asian, a dish of the day homecooking style, grilled / slow cooked meat with a variety of side dishes. Desserts and cakes are also available. Great place for the everyday lunch at work.

Lalit Kumar
Local Guide 62 reviews
11 months ago
Excellent varity, healthy food, nice location.

Local Guide 105 reviews 1,189 photos
6 years ago
This Coop department store is one of the biggest in Geneva and offers pretty much everything from groceries to office and home products or even clothes and souvenirs for tourists. They also have a great selection of Swiss chocolate and goodies!

Chris Pierce
Local Guide 20 reviews 4 photos
3 years ago
Really nice and quiet atmosphere especially when compared to Manor. Prices are reasonable and food is good.

Stephen Cudmore
4 reviews
3 years ago
Nothing fancy but a quick, cheap place to eat that is suitable if you have a small child.

Ken Belasco
114 reviews
2 years ago
Come if u can b4 11h45 but their choices r gd n delicious

Elena Soroka
Local Guide 332 reviews 763 photos
5 years ago
Good restaurant. Free wifi, good prices and easy access. Really good foodstore, good selection of items and nice staff.

jaghanivasan s
Local Guide 101 reviews 141 photos
4 years ago
Awesome food and great service. The buffet system is amazing.

Adam Jones
Local Guide 70 reviews
5 years ago
Good snacks and fresh OJ. Staff however seem unhappy to be there

Håkan Söderling
Local Guide 80 reviews 223 photos
4 years ago
Decent food and a decent price. Enjoy your meal.

WJ Sean Lee
Local Guide 245 reviews 1,618 photos
4 years ago
Good place to provide the space to eat food which is bought within this market.


Q Where is Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie

Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie is located at Rue du Commerce 5, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

Q What is the phone number of Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie

You can try to dialing this number +41 22 818 02 56 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the Coop Restaurant Genève Fusterie

Latitude: 46.204165 - Longitude: 6.1451624

Q (Translated by Google) With a coop loyalty card, the $ € ¥ prices are surprisingly correct & exemplary quality, Bravo. (Original) Avec une carte fidélitée coop,les prix $€¥ sont étonnamment correctes & qualité exemplaire, Bravo.

(Translated by Google) Accustomed to this place, I am surprised to hear about a loyalty card - unless it is brand new!

Habituée de cet endroit, je suis étonnée d 'entendre parler de carte de fidélité -à moins que ce ne soit tout nouveau !


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