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Café Du Gothard is a restaurant located at Rue du Pont-Muré 16, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland The quality of the service here is excellent. Café Du Gothard has received 671 positive customer evaluations. Café Du Gothard is open from 09:30am until 23:00pm It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Café Du Gothard is the best choice for you.

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Café Du Gothard
Café Du Gothard Menu
Café Du Gothard
Café Du Gothard Menu
Café Du Gothard
Café Du Gothard Menu

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Café Du Gothard

671 Google reviews

Café Du Gothard reviews

Luisa Balaniuc
Perfection!!!!Amazing food, great presentation, high quality of ingredients, a cosy ambiance and good service.We came in a little late and still, they agreed to serve us.We had a salad that was to die for and the sauce was unforgettable.The moitie moitie fondue was REMARKABLE – great garnishes too.Fair price for the amount served, we didn’t even finish it all.About 22€ per person for the fondue.The wine was delicious and about 4€ the glass.You should eat here!!!

Raju Arora
Cheerful, vivacious & pretty place with good food & aperitifs – happy and attentive service. Had a great Fondue experience here. Must revisit this cute French cafe & it’s delighting staff and owner👌

Sherly C
Nice ambience with friendly ladies serving local traditional food! Dont miss the pear parfait dessert that is served with double cream, meringue and a sweet cooked pear! (See my photo)Btw the pig feet dish had too much gelatine so do not recommend. Go for the cheese fondue!!

Tania MT
The fondue was very good. But the service we received left us quite off. Maybe it was our fault for being foreigners and not understanding their social rules, but we asked for tap water (apart from the wine) and we were ‘kindly’ requested to go get it from the public fountain in the main square (???). I would never come back, it was really awkward and we all got scared of the rudness of this lady.

Bruce Turner
I think that the Café du Gotthard is the best authentic Swiss restaurant in all of Switzerland and I love the food they serve, the decorations and authentic atmosphere et ambiance and the personnel are the friendlyest and nicest people in the world!!!!!! 😁😎👍❤

Bernard W
By far the best cheese-fondue in town, but I also recommend the other dishes, since they are all delicious. For people who prefer a strong taste of cheese, I recommend the Fondue Vacherin without wine.Reasonable pricing for food, but a bottle of water is 10 CHF, which is quite a lot.Nice ambiente in the place, slightly rustic.Very nice and professional staff, that pays a lot of attention.Booking not always required, but recommended.

Jean Edgar Merle
Woaw, so lucky we had a table there for diner without reservation.The place is packed, the food is just amazing, brasserie type, lots of those very rich, generous countryside dishes. If you don’t know it, Fribourg is the capital of gruyère type cheese (the Gruyère village is part of its territory), the fondu with vacherin, is simply superbe, along quality wine by the glass. I am told it is one of the best restaurant in Fribourg, I cannot confirm as I haven’t done many others, but I can highly recommend them. Piece of advise, make your reservation ahead. 🐄🧀💜👍🇨🇭


Q Where is Café Du Gothard

Café Du Gothard is located at Rue du Pont-Muré 16, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland

Q What is the phone number of Café Du Gothard

You can try to dialing this number +41 26 322 32 85 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the Café Du Gothard

Latitude: 46.8061111 - Longitude: 7.1616667

Q Can we get fondue on Sunday 31.05.20 at 15.00


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